ETCAL Level 1 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Personal Social Skills
Award – 603/5752/6 Certificate – 603/5753/8 Diploma – 603/5754/x
Award – 70 Certificate – 140 Diploma – 390
Award – 70 Certificate – 140 Diploma – 420
Award – 7 Certificate – 14 Diploma – 42

These qualifications inform and guide the learner on the values, attitudes and personal skills required to thrive in the 21st Century. This qualification will focus on the rapidly changing social structures in both work, leisure, families and the ways of life. It considers the social, cultural and family diversity that impact on learners progressing to be strong, independent, resilient individuals and covers the nature of society and self-education including the impact on the journey of life.

20 GLH
15 GLH
35 GLH
40 GLH
45 GLH
Personal Resilience and Perseverance
Applying for Opportunities
Producing a CV
Problem Solving
Recycling and Waste Management
Personal Change Management
Career Progression Opportunities
Digital Presence, Awareness and Safety
Participation Personal Behaviours and Standards
Transferable Skills and Qualities
Managing your own Finance
Setting and Achieving Personal Goals
Resolving Conflict
Habit Management
Understanding the term Mental Health
County Lines Awareness
Forming Positive Relationships
Equality and Diversity in Everyday Life
Bullying Awareness
Understanding Radicalisation
Personal Stress Management
Introduction to using word processing
Introduction to spreadsheets


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