At eta, we work in partnership with our FE centres to provide a range of opportunities to learners, facilitating their progression into employment or further education and beyond.

In order to optimise the ‘settling in’ period of any study programme – critical to a learner’s transition from school to college environments – we offer a variety of Personal and Social Skills qualifications and
standalone single unit Awards (Qualifications in their own right). Ranging from 15 to 45 Guided Learning Hours, the qualifications are designed to promote critical thinking, personal reflection and self-awareness in order to create and nurture a personal skills ‘toolkit’ whilst considering the social, cultural and family diversity that often impact on learners’ progression to becoming strong, independent, resilient individuals.

These qualifications are perfect additions for learner induction. For many learners, the achievement of a qualification so early on in their journey supports motivation and retention, setting them on the right path for their main programme of study and giving them the best chance of success.

Such achievements not only provide the learner with the vital knowledge and skills required to underpin their transition into their wider programme offer as part of their Individual Learning Plans, but offer a safety net of a successful outcome regardless of whether they choose to continue further with their studies.

A number of our FE College partners have already taken advantage of the PSS Suite, with one outlining the impact it has had on both parties:

“eta’s single unit Qualifications are hugely beneficial to learners as they help equip them with the skills necessary to gain a positive outcome for the college, as well as being a great addition to their CV, demonstrating a commitment from the learner to improve themselves and their prospects of gaining employment”

For many learners the overriding objective of their wider study programme will be to develop the skills they need to gain employment upon completion, our employability focused units, Level 1 Award in Producing a CV and Level 1 Award in Applying for Opportunities look to provide the knowledge and skills in order to succeed in their job search.

The Level 1 Award in Recycling and Waste Management focuses on developing a solid understanding of actions which may positively or negatively impact our communities and local environment, providing an opportunity to reflect on how we can improve recycling practices at a personal level.

The Level 1 Award in Personal Resilience and Perseverance aims to develop personal behaviours and the emotional skillset required to overcome challenges in either home or work life. It will provide simple, practical strategies to combat a variety of stress triggers in order to foster a sense of confidence, wellbeing and ultimately, resilience.

The Level 1 Award in Problem Solving looks to nurture understanding behind problem identification, solution and review – fundamental skills that are pivotal to success across our working lives.

The Level 1 Award in Equality and Diversity in Everyday Life explores the often complex worlds of
discrimination, beliefs and stereotypes. Learners are encouraged to investigate these key societal issues from a personal perspective, delving into the role played by particular prejudices and how they can be influenced by our own attitudes and behaviours.

The PSS suite is often used to create a Level 1 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Personal and Social Skills. Centres simply select the units required and, providing the credit threshold is met, they can deliver a larger programme consisting of the most relevant PSS provision suited to their learners.

For more information about how ETA can support your study programme, contact Allan Birch or Sarah Turner at