Digital Skills

As workplaces become increasingly remote, the demand for digital skills & competencies is rising. Our digital qualifications provide a solid grounding across a range of skills necessary to navigate the digital landscape.

Our digital skills qualifications inform and guide learners through a range of basic digital competencies. The level 1 Certificate focuses on initial device usage and set up, along with relevant accessories such as keyboards or touch screens, before the Level 1 Diploma and Level 2 Certificate bring in important software skills, including spreadsheets, word processing and email.

The digital skills qualifications represent a solid grounding in the field, particularly where basic computer skills are required within the workplace – making them an ideal companion for our securing employment qualifications that can be packaged into an ‘all in one’ digital pre employment programme.

The eta Digital Technologies suite currently includes a Level 2 Certificate and Level 1/2 Diploma. These qualifications build on the skills outlined within Digital Skills, outlining how learners can use their digital knowledge to set up networks, design software and utilise social media in order to maximise digital marketing opportunities.

The Level 1/2 Diplomas in Digital Technologies include a number of our securing employment units – representing a perfect opportunity for learners navigating pre-employment looking to move into the digital workplace. The level 2 Certificate is geared towards upskilling, expanding existing knowledge either to secure employment opportunities or to progress within a present role.